Victor Building

Tenant Handbook 



Elevator service is available 24 hours a day.

The property is equipped with the latest in vertical transportation technology. The office levels are each served by high-speed, 3,500 pound gearless passenger elevators in the following configuration: 

  • Six passenger cars serve the P3 garage level through the 12th floor. 

One garage shuttle elevator serves the lobby through P4 parking levels from the ground floor. For all deliveries, a service elevator is available; deliveries shall not be made using passenger elevators. The service elevator is available on all tenant floors.

If an elevator fails to operate properly, please let Property Management know immediately.

Elevators chime at each floor indicating a floor change to persons with a visual disability.

If you are detained inside of the elevator cab due to a malfunction, remain calm. Use the alarm button inside the elevator to signal your stalled status to the Security Desk. You may also use the intercom on the right panel of the elevator to speak directly to Kastle and receive instructions on what to do.

Our elevator maintenance company will be immediately dispatched to correct the problem. Property staff will remain in constant contact to let you know what is being done.