Victor Building

Tenant Handbook 




Brookfield is committed to both preserving our environment and reducing operating costs. Our recycling program includes recycling, composting and e-cycling.  Please see the brief description below for items that should be discarded in each category:

Recycling- Paper, newspaper, cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic. 

Composting- Produce scraps, meat trimmings, compostable products, napkins, and restroom hand towels.

E-cycling- Computers, monitors, keyboards, TVs, phones, and kitchen appliances.

Recycling and composting should be discarded in the central bins located within your suite.  The cleaning staff will empty these on a daily basis.  Please ensure trash and recycling materials are always separated and never comingled within the same container.  E-cycling items should be discarded in the e-cycling room located in the mailroom on the lobby level.  Pick ups will be performed on an as needed basis once the room is full.

Please see the attached quick reference guide for more information on the Victor Building recycling program:

 Brookfield DC Employee Tenant Ed organics.pdf

 If you have any questions, please call the Management Office.